Why is Chat Perfect for Recruiting?

Communication is part of the human experience.

With the emergence of smartphones in the age of the Internet, odds are that you have the world in the palm of your hands in reaching and responding to others. The use of chat has been part of this communication experience for decades. For a long time, it was a gimmick, a way to converse on a wide range of social topics. Chat is now a serious and powerful vehicle for business professionals to connect with others.

Over the next few years it is estimated that seven in every ten people on Earth will own a mobile phone. In the United States more than 90 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds have smartphones. To say that we are becoming a mobile society is an understatement.

As technology continues to advance our communication capabilities, Chat has emerged and is now at the forefront in our ability to connect in an efficient and extremely effective manner.

According to a Business Insider Research report the top four monthly active user (MAU) messaging apps has risen to over 4 billion in 2018. Each of the top three of these apps has a user base of more than one billion.

Chat is customer-centric improving customer service and loyalty. An eDigital Customer Service Benchmark survey discovered that live chat had the customer satisfaction levels at 73 percent (compared to 61 percent with email support and 44 percent for traditional phone support).

Delivering this satisfaction allows chat to provide quick answers to questions and concerns, promptly solve problems, and provide assurance to the user that you are there when needed. An Oracle study found that 90 percent of customers said that the “Live Chat” button gave them the confidence they can get help when they need it.

Data shows that chat improves business. A study by the American Marketing Association states that live chat can increase conversions by nearly 20 percent that typical ROI from live chat software is over 300 percent. The report also mentions that customers the same customers that use live chat are three times more likely to purchase compared to those that do not.

Chat as a Recruitment Tool

Why is chat so perfect for recruiting?

Chat is a great communication tool for recruiting because it’s the preferred method of a vast majority of recruiting targets. By its very nature, it’s conversational, but attracts passive candidates, which most are with record low unemployment. It’s also scalable, so recruiters and hiring managers can talk with multiple candidates at one time, from anywhere in the world.

Savvy companies that understand the benefits and move their employment brand message to these new mediums are winning the battles for talent.

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