Virtual Recruiting Events Made Easy Host virtual chat events and connect with candidates from anywhere. VOH is an all-in-one solution to invite, register and chat with candidates for your hiring initiatives.

Build your employment brand

Make a positive impression with branded communication.

Reduce cost per hire

Much better ROI than traditional in-person events.

Be Agile

Quickly create event landing pages branded to your initiative.


The Virtual Open House platform they offer has been an invaluable tool we’ve used to assist in talent attraction. Since just this March, we’ve hosted 4 Virtual events with these results:
  • Total number of registrants: 760 (of which 95% uploaded their resume)
  • Total Number hired so far: 12 (there are over 40 other candidates still involved in interviews with our company now)
  • Total Number in “Keep Warm” status: 94
Of the stats above, the number of most significance is the “keep warm” number – these people represent our talent pipeline. Their skills were so much in line with what we typically hire that we are making a concerted effort to stay in touch with these individuals for future openings. This virtual chat platform allowed us to establish an initial relationship with this talent pool and has a mechanism that allows us to easily reach out to these people periodically post-event.
Barbara, Gulfstream

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About Virtual Open House

VOH is a candidate acquisition funnel between the web and your ATS or CRM. Quickly cast a wide net through initiative specific landing pages and host virtual chat events where you can chat and then filter candidates.

In person hiring events are notoriously ineffective and provide a poor ROI for many companies. Recruiters are often unequipped to effectively source, screen and schedule candidates for these events. VOH makes sourcing and scheduling candidates for virtual events easier and more effective than ever with our all-in-one solution.