The IBM GBS (Global Business Services) team needed an effective and scalable way to connect with candidates in real time. The solution needed to be customizable and flexible to meet each TAP’s needs as they represented different client hiring needs.

Because of the wide variety of job requisitions (project managers, technical/developers, engineers, blockchain, etc.) IBM needed customizable and initiative specific event pages, with custom registration forms and screener questions to pre-qualify candidates. They also required an event request tool to manage all event requests, dedicated support for training, ad-hoc questions, and event support.

The Virtual Open House platform exceeded IBM’s expectations with white-glove service, and by allowing TAP’s to create and host many different event types to connect with candidates.

Some of the most popular event types were:

Traditional Open House/Career Fair

Talent speaks to recruiters to learn more about open positions. Used for many different hiring initiatives and positions.

In-Person Interview Preparation

Talent is invited to speak to recruiters the day before an in-person interview and provided tips and suggestions to help their chances during the actual interview.

Coffee Chat with IBM

Talent is invited to speak with recruiters to get tips and feedback on their resume and get tips on what managers are looking for.

University Open House

College students can connect with IBM staff and recruiters to find out about new grad opportunities.

RESULTS (during 9 months):







Event Analytics

Page Views


Avg minutes candidates spent on site



“The IBM GBS team needed a way to inform external audiences that IBM had a large and complex consulting practice, provide an affordable avenue to connect with candidates in real-time, while meeting each TAP’s (recruiter) needs as they represent specific and different client hiring needs. Add on the requirement for fully customizable pages, a request tool to manage all event requests, and dedicated support for training, ad-hoc questions, and event support. Quite the feat!

The VOH team not only met all our needs, but exceeded them. Through our cadence calls, I learned best practices, tips, and tools that I then shared with our team. I appreciated their above and beyond customer support, and their willingness and timeliness in each inquiry should be the new industry standard. But, no need to take just my opinion on how much I enjoyed working with their team, our metrics speak volumes.

On the IBM side, we saw successful training and adoption metrics with over 40 events requested. From the candidate side, we had 2400 registrants over 40 events, of which 175 or more were recommended to move forward.

Not only was this capability well received from the recruiter side, but the candidates had flexibility in attending events, joining our talent network to stay in touch, and experienced one of the easiest tool interfaces in the market to-date.

I honestly can’t think of a better tool, or a better team, to help us find candidates in niche markets.”

Andrea Keating
IBM Recruitment Marketing & Enablement

Additional IBM TAP feedback:

“Your support has been outstanding through this process and extremely prompt with any changes we needed. Amazing!”

“Erika is wonderfully responsive and helpful. Her communication always answers and resolves questions.”

“All of u deserve a raise!”

“The platform allowed the candidate to ask last minute questions before his interview which was in two days related to the format of the interview and the position he was interviewing for. I could definitely see myself using it in a similar capacity as I used it for this event, to hold office hours before an interview so that candidates can log in and ask any questions they may have related to interview logistics, the position they are interviewing for, IBM at large, etc.”

“Good Dialog; a willingness by participants to upload resumes; fun in an interesting way; great experience, did not need to know workday to help with the event as prep info was super helpful; candidate personalities came through over chats.”